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Electric Drill

RAILMAN Products

Next-generation 200V Electric Drill

Now available, a monophase 200 V electric drill. Only from RAILMAN.

Product Features
High-power 200V

In recent years, makers of electric equipment have stopped producing 200V specs. The 200V electric drill was one of RAILMAN's first products. Now we are proud to announce our first 200V drill in 78 years. RAILMAN talked to users and discovered that 100V lacked the power they needed. Our new drill has more power and shorter punching time.

Tapering Drill Chuck

RAILMAN drills come with tapering drill chucks as standard equipment for precise punching. The tapered chuck means less vibration at the core for stable and comfortable operations. RAILMAN's drill uses a precision A-grade chuck for machining tools. Take this opportunity to try out a tapering drill chuck!

Motor Built for Easy Operations

RAILMAN aimed to make a drill with excellent operability. The cable is connected to the edge of the handle on the switch side for smooth maneuvering. Cable won't get twisted around the handle.

Lightweight Aluminum Die Cast Body

Lightweight tools are preferred for railroad maintenance. RAILMAN drills have aluminum die cast bodies to keep thickness of appearance parts to a minimum. As the cable is pulled from the handle side, it won't get tangled up, ensuring safe operations.

Shared Specs: 50/60Hz

As a motor manufacturer, RAILMAN products have specs that can be used anywhere in Japan, both 50 Hz and 60Hz areas, and connected to most power generators. RAILMAN specs make equipment easy and convenient to operate.

10 m Cable and Connection Plug are Standard Equipment

Standard RAILMAN cables are 10 m long. The electric blower also comes equipped with a connector plug to connect to the RAILMAN Tie Tamper. RAILMAN, for safe, comfortable railroad maintenance.

Capacity   Wood 36m/m
Capacity   Metal 16m/m
Rated revolutions 800rmp±15%
Power source Monophase 200V 50/60Hz
Rated current 4A
Electricity consumption 720W
Consecutive use 30分
Cable length 10 m (comes with connector plug)
Total length 415mm
Weight  About 5 kg

※Does not come with drill attachments