RAILMAN Products

Tie Tamper

RAILMAN Products

Tie Tamper

Features a built-in short circuit prevention function and durable switches with long service lives.
Shared 50/60Hz specs, improved maintenance service, and quick response to requests for voltage specs for products for export.

Product Features
Built-in railway current interruption prevention

Conventionally, backflow prevention diodes built into centralized shunts are used to prevent current interruption, but isolation endurance between earths can drop in sudden rain causing current interruption accidents. For this reason, RAILMAN installs backflow prevention diodes in its tie tampers as a way to prevent railway current interruption between tampers.

Highly durable, long-life switch

RAILMAN uses switches with extremely high endurance. The insides of switches are kept clean with dust-proof covers, and switches themselves are made of flame-resistant materials. These are functional parts with extremely long service lives. The switches are commonly available, and thus can be simply and inexpensively repaired.

Made in Japan

The plates on the switch cover of the handle are secured at 4 points and spring washers are used in the structure to completely prevent loosening. Detailed processing with fine Japanese cutting tools means there are no protruding screws coming out of the handle.

Tough Assembly Plates

For users, grips (mounting plates) are convenient functional parts. Unfortunately, they are positioned so that they run into things. When grips are damaged, springload function can be lost, and tamping turned off. To prevent this, grips are made of highly durable materials.

Shared Specs: 50/60Hz

As a motor manufacturer, RAILMAN products have specs that can be used anywhere in Japan, both 50 Hz and 60Hz areas, and connected to most power generators. RAILMAN specs make equipment easy and convenient to operate.

Quick Response to Export Voltage Specs

Need 380V or 400 V? As a motor manufacturer, RAILMAN is ready to respond quickly to orders for tampers with different voltages and ship them anywhere in the world.

Model ST-200B
Input voltage 3-phase electric power 200-220V
Rated current 1A
Rated output 200W
Input frequency 50/60Hz
No. vibrations 2,800/3,400min-1
Tamping capacity 1tie/40-60 seconds
Weight 28 kg (not including cable)