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Tie Tamper

RAILMAN Products

Tie Tamper

RAILMAN's Next Generation Tie Tamper IT-450E.
Built-in short circuit prevention function, Smart Handle to cut vibrations and reduce fatigue, shared 50/60Hz specs, improved service (repairs, maintenance inspections), and quick response to requests for voltage specs for products for export.

Product Features
Bit with Isolation Protection.

IT-450E is equipped with isolation protection to keep any electricity leakage out of the bit, which in turn stops electricity from being conducted through the bit to the rails, where it would run the risk of interfering with railway crossing signals. This tie tamper, with its state-of-the-art design, ensures safe rail maintenance.
1800V 60 seconds Has passed pressure resistance tests

Smart Handle

When tamper is in operation, the handle can be simply rotated to change the direction of the bit without touching the body of the operator. By reducing wasted movement, productivity is improved and operator fatigue reduced.

Vibration Isolation Handle Means Less Fatigue

These smart handles are RAILMAN's best when it comes to reducing operator fatigue. The 3-coordinate composite value is now displayed in product specs in keeping with LSB 0710:2009/7/10 from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. IT-450E uses the same isolation protection structure used in jackhammers. Anti-vibration rubber safely isolates to keep all but minimum vibration from reaching operators.

Shared Specs: 50/60Hz

As a motor manufacturer, RAILMAN products have specs that can be used anywhere in Japan. We manufacture our vibration motors in one streamlined process: design, development and production. RAILMAN vibration technology means high-quality vibrations generated precisely and accurately. Our designs and processing techniques also ensure a long service life. The IT-450E can be used in either 50Hz or 60Hz areas.

Enhanced Service

Another feature of RAILMAN IT-450E is in the detail of its design, including ease of removing and reattaching nuts and bolts for servicing (repairs and daily maintenance inspection). The tamper has been designed so ballast does not come into direct contact with nuts and bolts, thus preventing damage from rocks. The motor can be removed and replaced by anyone with a few basic tools.

Quick Response to Export Voltage Specs

As a motor manufacturer, RAILMAN fills orders for export-use machinery with different voltages. We pride ourselves in the fastest production you'll find anywhere. As a vibration motor producer, we have an established reputation for quick response to orders for 400V (380 to 440V) stator specs. Feel free to contact RAILMAN sales staff anytime.

Model IT-450E
Input voltage 3-phase electric power 200-220V
Rated current 2A
Rated output 450W (520W-220V)
Input frequency 50/60Hz
No. vibrations 2800/3400 min-1
Tamping capacity 1tie/20-30 seconds
3-coordinate composite value 8.5 m/s2
Protection degree IP33
Weight 29 kg (not including cable)
Consecutive use time 30 minutes

※Only machinery equipped with standard bits have protective isolation.