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Made in Japan 4-tool Minimal Tie Tamper

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The-biggest attractions of the 4-tool Minimal Tie Tamper are that it is made in Japan and designed to solve the problems of a diminishing labor market. This tie tamper was completely made in Japan, from materials to production. It is more convenient than a large multi-tool tie tamper because it can be loaded onto a 4t truck and transported to a worksite where it is placed directly on the tracks at a railroad crossing.

Model RT787 RT785 RT780
Track gauge Narrow gauge Standard gauge Meter gauge
1,067mm 1,435mm 1,000mm
Length 4,465mm
Width 2,020mm
Height 2,550mm
Wheel diameter 380mm
No. tamper tools 4
Tie tamping power 450 x–520 x/ tool
Max. running speed Operation speed: 5
Return speed: 30 kph
Noise-proof performance (7m) 51db(A)(50Hz)
Power generator 25kVA
Voltage 3-phase current 220 V
Current 65.6 A
Generator tank capacity 80ℓ
Hydraulic pump Variable-displacement pistion pump
Variable capacity Approx. 100 ℓ
Loader 4t
Type of transport Truck loading
Weight 3.6t
Country of origin Japan