RAILMAN Products

Rail Saw

RAILMAN Products

Rail Saw

1% for horizontal or vertical cut
Ideal for Precision Rail Cutting!!

Product Features
High Speed cutting!

around 2 minutes for an ordinary rail

High precision cutting

Within 1% tolerance for Horizontal & vertical surface.


HOUR METER(standard accessory) to surely
determine the timing of replacement of oil etc.

Carrier Handle

Best grip size for Asian !

Travelling wheels

Travelling wheels for Easy transporting

Adjusting lever

Adjusting lever to make fine adjustment of cutting position by lateral adjustment after mounting the main unit on rail.

Precision rail cutting wheel
Name RAILMAN® Engine Rail Saw machine (SAMURAI)
Model RS-405
Size 480mm×715mm×900mm
Cutting wheel RAILMAN® RG-405 Resinoid grinding wheel
Cutting time 2~3/min
Driving source 4-cycle single cylinder engine
Fuel Gasoline
Number of cuts 3~4
Edge speed 38,000m/min
Weight 62.5kg